Once upon a time in Egypt-Photography

 Original caption:3/30/1939-Cairo, Egypt- The wedding group taken after Princess Fawzia, 18-year-old sister of King Farouk of Egypt, and Crown Prince Mohamed Rida Chahbour of Iran, had been married in the Abdin Palace. In accordance with Moslem custom, the Princess was not present at the ceremony when the marriage contract was signed, but met her groom in the Queen’s apartments afterwards. Left to right: Queen Farida and King Farouk of Egypt; Princess Fawzia and Crown Prince Mohamed, and Queen Mother Nazli.

Nahas Pasha Addresses Montreux Conf

Original caption:4/9/1937- Montreux, Switzerland– Nahas Pasha, Egyptian representative, pictured as he read to the assembled group Egypt’s request for the abolition of Capitulations by the Egyptian government to England, at the recent Montreux Confernce in Switzerland. Dr. Giuseppe Motta, President of Switzerland, is seated behind the speaker.

Lord Allenby Working at Desk

Original caption:12/29/1924- Cairo, Egypt- Above is pictured Lord Allengby, British Lord High Commissioner for Egypt, at work on matters of State on the veranda of the residency at Cairo. He is attended by his faithful Egyptian servant, Mohammed. Lord Allenby is deep in the work of directing the reorganization of the new Epyptian government, following the recent clashes, politically and militarily, between Britain and Egypt.

British Archaeologist Howard Carter

Original caption:The British Archaeologist Howard Carter (1873-1939) at the tomb of Tutankhamun, Thebes, Egypt, 1923. (Source: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS )

Nahas Pasha at Montreux

Original caption:4/19/1937- Dr. Giuseppe Motta, President of Switzerland, is pictured with the Egyptian Delegation Montreaux Conference, called by Egypt and England, ending the capitulations in Egypt. Under this agreement, nationalists may only be tried by courts of their own nations, and Egyptians feel that too many abuses result from this system. At right, next to Motta, is Nahas Pasha, Egyptian premiere.

Gamal Abdel Nasser during the Suez Crisis
In Suez after the aggression
Indian Troops in Egypt

British officers lead a line of Indian troops from their desert camp in Egypt. They were the first Empire troops to take up occupation in the Middle East. (Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS)

Grooming Soldiers in port said

23rd November 1956: A Senegalese soldier cuts another’s hair at their camp near Port Said, Egypt. (Keystone/Getty Images)

Standing by Sphinx

Original caption:Leading aircraft woman Marjorie Browne, of Sunderland, County Durham, one of the many W.A.A.F. serving in the Middle East, is photographed during a visit to the sphinx. (Bettmann/CORBIS. Date Photographed: January 24, 1945)

Men of the storytellers’ club gather at an outdoor cafe in Cairo

Photographer:  Donald Mcleish and date photographed: October 01, 1922

1940, Cairo, Egypt — Muski Street is home to Cairo’s most popular shopping area — Image by © B. Anthony Stewart/National Geographic Society/Corbis

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