Statement by EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton, on the situation in Egypt

The European Union’s foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton Saturday called for an end to the “violence” in Egypt between demonstrators and security forces. She has said on a statement:

“I am deeply concerned about the clashes that took place in recent days between demonstrators and security forces in Egypt. Violence must stop and the rule of law has to be maintained. An independent investigation into these disturbing events should be carried out. Those responsible have to be held accountable.

I deplore the heavy loss of life and the many injuries and I extend my profound condolences to the families of the victims. I also ask the authorities to release those detained for peacefully expressing their views and urge the authorities to honour their promise to end military trials for civilians.

All political parties should reaffirm their commitment to the democratic process that Egypt has embarked upon. The swift shift of power to civilian rule is a key element of the transition and should happen as soon as possible on the basis of an inclusive dialogue. I take good note of the important commitments made by the SCAF in this regard.

I remain confident that the Egyptian people and the authorities will find a way to move peacefully forward on their path towards democracy. The upcoming elections are a very important step and I hope they can go ahead as planned. “


دعت وزيرة خارجية الاتحاد الاوروبي كاثرين آشتون السبت إلى وقف “أعمال العنف” في مصر بين قوات الأمن والمتظاهرين:

وقالت في بيان “يجب ان يتوقف العنف وان يتم الحفاظ على سيادة القانون”.

وطالبت اشتون بالقيام ب “تحقيق مستقل” في هذه “الحوادث المثيرة للقلق”. وقالت ان “المسؤولين (عن العنف) يجب ان يحاسبوا”.

كما عبرت عن الامل في ان يتم الافراج “عن المعتقلين الذين عبروا سلميا عن رأيهم”. واضافت: “نحث السلطات على الوفاء بوعدها بانهاء المحاكمات العسكرية للمدنيين”.

واكدت انه يتوجب “على كافة الاطراف تجديد تاكيد التزامها بالمسار الديمقراطي الذي بداته مصر”، مشددة على ان “النقل السريع للسلطة الى نظام مدني يشكل عنصرا حاسما في العملية الانتقالية ويجب ان يتم باسرع ما يمكن على قاعدة الحوار بين الاطراف كافة”. (المقتطفات المترجمة من وكالة الأنباء الفرنسية)


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