Book Review: Galal Amin’s Egyptians in the Mubarak Era

Galal Amin. Photo from the AUC website

I wrote a review of  Galal Amin‘s book:  Egypt and Egyptians in the Mubarak. The book is rife with contradictions, arbitrary judgments and a strong nostalgic tone.

In the book, Amin uses the “soft state” theory developed by Swedish Nobel Laureate economist Gunnar Myrdal to explain the 25 January revolution. A “soft state” is one that’s unwilling to perform its main functions – namely preserving law and order – leaving mediocrity and lawlessness to prevail. According to Myrdal in his seminal 1968 book, Asian Drama, there’s no respect for the law in such a state, and breaking legal codes is the cultural norm.


The book was translated into English under the title Egypt in the Era of Hosni Mubarak, 1981–2011
Click here to read the whole review in Al-Masry Al-Youm


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