>Egypt might release Hamas top leader soon, says spokesperson


Photographed by Omar Al-Sheih

 BY: Ahmed Zaki Osman 

Negotiations are taking place between Hamas and Egyptian authorities in order to release Mohammed Khamis Dababesh, head of the Hamas-run General Security Service, who was detained upon arrival to Cairo, a senior Hamas official has told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
Ayman Taha, Hamas spokesman, said his organization has decided not to give a formal response to the detention of Dababesh since Hamas is currently talking with the Egyptian side.
Al-Ahram newspaper reported on Monday that Egyptian authorities arrested Dababesh due to his being “suspected of involvement in activities harmful to Egyptian security…including an attempt to traffic a significant quantity of sophisticated telecommunications equipment.”
Asked about the time frame, Taha said he hopes the whole issue will be solved very soon. “A day or two maybe, but I can’t confirm anything.”
Sources say that Egyptian authorities believe Dababesh was involved in the assassination of Egyptian soldier Ahmed Shaaban by a Hamas sniper last January.


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